Video Production

I have been involved in different phases of video production throughout my career, ranging from fire fighter and recruit training to community risk reduction. I am capable of helping you with your video production project, from concept through filming, post-production and marketing.
You can see some of my work in the videos below.

Monique's Story

This is the story of how a family survived a fire because of a working smoke alarm. Conceived, filmed and produced by


These are a series of videos that I filmed and produced interviewing fire chiefs about the role of accreditation and ISO in their fire departments.

Best Roommates EVAH!

A promotional video for a Massachusetts campus fire safety campaign conceived, filmed and produced by

See It Before You Sign It

A fire safety campaign to encourage parents to see the off-campus housing where their student will be living before any lease is signed. Conceived, filmed and produced by

Did YOU Know?

A series of videos featuring students talking about fire safety. Done in a very short format with no more than 3 messages in each video, they are designed to be used by schools and fire departments to share and embed on their websites. The project concept and pre-production was done by, who also oversaw the filming and post-production. 

Home Safety Visits Work for Us

These are two videos featuring fire professionals in Boulder and Arvada, Colorado, talking about the importance of home safety visits and how they work for their departments in making a difference in the community. I conceived the project, developed the concept, shot the video, and did all of the post-production work.

The Alarming Truth

This video was produced by students from Rowan College and features students recreating a fictional, but based-in-reality, off-campus fire. The Alarming Truth was done by the Clery Center and Ed Comeau under a FEMA FP&S Grant, and I helped to write the original grant proposal using my concept.

9 Fires

This video project focuses on a series of nine fires that happened at colleges across the nation within a very short period of time. They occurred in laboratories, residence halls and off-campus housing, and the videos focus not on the fires but tells of the impact that they had on the school, students, survivors, families and friends.
This project was done under the Michael H. Minger Foundation. I conceived the project, developed the concept and undertook all of the pre-production work. The filming and post-production was done under my supervision.