I have experience in working on a variety of FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grants, from helping to write the grant proposal to serving as a project manager and subject matter expert. I have helped write a number of grant applications with a success rate of 76%, and over the past 10 years, I have been involved in 31 grant projects, including

  • Vision 20/20 projects, many funded through Fire Prevention and Safety Grants, which have included a series of symposiums focusing on model performance in fire prevention, community risk reduction and much more. I have been a part of this project’s Executive Committee since its inception and serve as the Communications Manager.
  • Fire Safety and Behavioral Science is a two-year Fire Prevention and Safety grant that I wrote and was awarded to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. It is looking at how to deliver fire safety messaging more effectively using the concepts of behavioral science.
  • Fire Safety for Students with Disabilities for the Michael H. Minger Foundation which has included developing guides, videos and material for teaching fire safety to students with disabilities. I served as a subject matter expert and was responsible for coordinating logistics, research and writing for this project.
  • Campus Fire Safety Community Service Projects with the Michael H. Minger Foundation where we brought students and fire departments together to do home safety visits. These were done in communities ranging from the Navajo Indian Nation to West Virginia. I was a subject matter expert, assisted in writing the grant, coordinated developing the training material, delivered training and coordinated the logistics.
  • RA Fire Safety Project for the Michael H. Minger Foundation where we developed a suite of resources for Resident Assistants to use in teaching fire safety to students on their floors. I served as a subject matter expert, writer, oversaw video production and coordinated developing the content.
  • Green Buildings and Fire Safety was a Fire Protection and Safety grant awarded to the National Association of State Fire Marshals that researched and published a report on the impact of green buildings when it came to fire safety. I was a subject matter expert and assisted in the research and writing the report for this project.
  • YFIRES (Youth Firesetting information Repository and Evaluation System) was developed by the International Association of Fire Fighters Charitable Burn Fund through a series of Fire Prevention & Safety Grants. YFIRES is the first national, online database that professionals across the nation can use to manage YFS cases. I manage the communications for this project and assist in writing technical content.
  • Burn Injury Awareness is an IAFF FP&S grant project that focuses on developing a central repository for information and resources that can be used by fire departments and burn centers across the nation to raise awareness about burn prevention and how to properly respond to burns. I coordinate the communications for this project and am assisting in developing the web content.
  • Why Data? was another Fire Protection and Safety Grant project for NASFM on the importance of data to the fire service. This two-year project’s first phase was researching the gaps as to why there were so many unknowns in NFIRS fields, and then developing an online training program for the fire service to address these gaps. I assisted in the research, writing the report that was the basis for the second grant, conducted research and delivered training during the two grants that were awarded.
  • iGot2Kno is an online campus fire safety education program by the People’s Burn Foundation of Indiana. I was a subject matter expert and assisted in the video production and web site development over the course of two grant cycles.